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Edale is a small village or, to be more correct, a collection of small hamlets or “booths” in the Derbyshire Peak District. Nestled beneath Kinder Scout and tucked away at the end of the Hope Valley, Edale is very popular with walkers and runners due to its beauty and accessibility.

The village is also home to some 300 people from all walks of life who live and work in the valley and make up a vibrant community that has different clubs and social groups for anything from horticulture to amateur dramatics.

Edale has recently been named in several top polls as one of the best places to live. A finalist in the Channel 4 “Village of the Year” competition in 2017 and a regional winner in The Times “Best Places to Live” poll in 2019. The village also features regularly in the news as well as on film and TV.

Despite its seemingly remote location and stunning topography, Edale is easily accessible and only 30 minutes away from both Manchester and Sheffield made even more easy by the regular train service that stops in the village. Nearly 90,000 passengers a year pass through the tiny village station, many of whom have come to explore the hills and picturesque village.

Edale is probably most famous for its walking and every weekend the surrounding hills have their many footpaths explored by walkers of all abilities. There’s something for everyone in Edale from first time walkers venturing out into the countryside for their inaugural taste of the great outdoors or seasoned hikers exploring the dark and mysterious peat bogs of Kinder.

With so much walking on offer there are several options available to quench your thirst or refuel yourself after a long day in the hills. Two pubs, two cafes, a fish and chip shop and a village shop will ensure that you are ready to face the trails. There’s also plenty of places to stay with several B&Bs and holiday lets available throughout the village.

Whether you’re visiting Edale for the day, staying for a holiday or looking to move to Edale to live then you should be able to find everything you need to know here.

Explore the site, take a look at the latest blog posts and discover what makes Edale so special.

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How not to park…
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Please remember….
Please remember….
May 22, 2020
....to follow government advice and restrictions if you're visiting Edale this weekend! See here for details. The following advice from the the BMC is worth taking note of:
Covid-19 / Coronavirus – 16th May
Covid-19 / Coronavirus – 16th May
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