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Broadband, Phone and Connectivity

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Considering its relatively remote location, Edale has excellent access to the internet in most parts of the village.  Some of the more distant farms and cottages do struggle a little with them being a long way away from the telephone exchange (located near the station) and with some “variable” rural cabling both above and below ground!

The telephone exchange supports both standard broadband (ADSL) up to 8Mb/s and fibre broadband (FTTC) up to 72Mb/s.  There is a single fibre cabinet located near the telephone exchange giving most properties in Grindsbrook Booth, Mill Cottages, Barber Booth and Ollerbrook a high speed connection.

Since December 2017 there has also been a 4G signal across the valley; prior to this it was 2G (GPRS) only.  The mast is operated by EE (formerly Orange and T-Mobile) and gives good coverage across the valley.  Until a “regional roaming” agreement is in place only phones that utilise an EE signal (i.e EE, Orange, T-Mobile, BT Mobile) will work in the valley for standard calls and texts.  Emergency calls are possible regardless of which network you are with but this is sometimes restricted depending on your provider and phone make and model.  Once on the tops of the hills there is variable coverage with all providers but remember that the coverage is just that – variable – and shouldn’t be relied upon for navigation or communication if out walking or running!