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There is no mains gas in Edale and so heating has to be provided by alternative means . Oil (kerosene / paraffin), tanked LPG and bottled gas are the more “traditional” sources but more and more new build properties and renovations are using alternative or renewable sources such as air source (ASHP), ground source (GSHP), wood chips or wood pellets (biomass).


A.k.a kerosene, paraffin, 28 second heating oil, domestic heating oil.

Most older properties will most likely have an oil tank powering a boiler or an Aga, Rayburn or similar.  There are several local companies that deliver to Edale as well as a couple of buying groups or clubs that pool orders or negotiate a “bulk” discount.

If you are running an Aga, Rayburn or similar that has a gravity/wick burner it is worth using either an Aga specific oil although this is generally standard 28 second kerosene with an additive added at delivery.  You can buy your own additive (Exocet, CookerMax etc.) from BoilerJuice or Oil Club and make a substantial saving versus Aga specific oil from a supplier.  Just add a bottle before, or shortly after, delivery!


Peak Oil
Certas Energy
Tate Oil
Craggs Energy

Buying Groups

Oil Club

If you do have an Aga then it pays to have it serviced regularly – every 3-6 months.  You can find a local heating engineer to do this for you or, at your own risk and if you are confident in your ability, you can do it yourself.  Take a look at Aga DIY Service for information on how to do it correctly as well as spare parts and advice.  Highly recommended.


A.k.a liquefied petroleum gas, propane.

If you’ve got an LPG tank then you may be tied to buying from your supplier although since April 2009 you are free to move supplier (and tank rental) once you are outside of an initial rental period.  Suppliers will generally “own” the tank and you rent it from them under contract to supply gas.  It’s worth shopping around to change LPG supplier as the rates generally go up quite rapidly outside of the initial contract period!


LPG Direct


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